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Completing the Alternate Work Options Dashboard

The Alternate Work Options Dashboard is used to track employees' work option (Hybrid, Remote: In-State or Out-of-State, On Site) and the status of any Hybrid/Remote Work Agreements. 

Dashboard Overview

As an HR Organization Administrator for an Operational Organization, access the Alternate Work Options Dashboard:

  1. The table displays counts and percentages of current selections on the dashboard according to the Role and Operational Organization selected.
  2. The dashboard displays staff in assignment categories 01 Regular Full-Time, 02 Temporary Full-Time, 03 Regular Part-Time, 20 Postdoc Scholar Trainees, and 21 Postdoc Scholar Employees.
  3. The Work Option represents an individual employee's status and Remote/Hybrid eligibility is determined at the job family level. For questions or exceptions, contact Compensation at

    The Dashboard statuses assist with tracking employee statuses among your Operational Organization. Changing an employees status does not trigger any automated actions; employees must create their own Hybrid/Remote Work Agreements and complete the required training.

  4. The Hybrid/Remote Work Agreement buttons show agreements that are Pending (submitted, but pending approval) and Approved (fully approved through the eForms workflow).
  5. The Export to Excel feature creates a downloadable spreadsheet of the current dashboard entries. 

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