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HRUAB Ludicrous Report

The Ludicrous Report is an "everything but the kitchen sink" report with over 80 data fields which include Person, Assignment, Salary, and basic Faculty Appointment data as it appears in the employee's Oracle employment record.

Before getting started
  • The report data is restricted by the HR Organizational Hierarchy as assigned in the Oracle system.
  • All employment categories except 99 Requisition are included in the report.
  • The comprehensive data is designed to replace the need for multiple burst reports and provide a unified reporting experience.
Official policies or guidance

Who can access this report

HR Organization Administrators and HR Organization Officers with an Oracle HR Officer responsibility

Navigate to

Oracle HR Officer → Run Reports → Submit Processes → Single Request

  1. From the Submit Request form, click on the Name LOV.
  2. Select HRUAB Ludicrous Report and click OK.
  3. If desired, add report parameters in the Parameters window. By default, the report includes all active primary assignment employees in all assignment categories (except 99 Requisition).
    Adding parameters will limit results. When selecting multiple parameters, report results will only reflect records meeting all parameters.

    More about Parameters

    • Organization From and To: Filter to a specific subset of Orgs.
    • Include Inactive Assignments: Selecting Yes will add active assignments for employees that have terminated employment with UAB in the past 365 days.
    • Employment Category: Filters report results to a specific subset of employment categories.
    • Primary Assignment: Selecting No will add all employees in the Org range, even if the assignment is not the employees' primary assignment.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Review the details, then click Submit to generate the report.
  6. In the Request window, locate the Phase box for the report's request. Once the report phase is Completed, the report will be available in the UAB Report Viewer system.

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