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How to Map Shared Resources ( Windows 10 )

Share drives are only accessible to users whose supervisor or HR representative have specifically requested access on their behalf or with proper level of approval. Once added to the permission groups for the specified share drive, you may need to shut down your UAB HR-owned PC, and once reconnected to the network, you will see your shared location mapped automatically. In cases where a PC is not on the UAB HR secure network or not supported by HR Desktop Services, you will need to take additional actions to map the drive.   

Before getting started
You will need the following:
  • Permissions to the specified drive
  • Administrator rights on your PC or IT support
  • A Blazerid/Password and UAB assignment
See also
  • Using the HR Drive Access Form
  • Using the HR System Access Request Form

Navigate to

File Explorer → This PC 

1. Click on This PC.

2. Next, navigate to the top of the File Explorer window, Click Map Network Drive, and choose Map network drive.

3. A popup should appear as so:

4.  In the Folder field, copy/paste the following address: \\\HRM\HRM-Hospital

If you are receiving an error that the location does not exist, check the address with someone who has access to the resource. 

5. Check the boxes for "Reconnect at sign-in" and "Connect using different credentials" and click Finish.

6. A Windows Security popup should appear. 

7. In the User name field type uab\[your blazerid] and enter your blazerid password in the Password field as pictured. Check the box next to "Remember my credentials" and click OK

This will successfully map the shared drive to your PC or Virtual Machine. 

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