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How to Access UAB HR Optidoc (Citrix)

As of 2019, HSIS owned computers are no longer compatible with the Optidoc Workstation desktop application. HRIS and Central IT worked to develop the Virtual Desktop application link hosted on Citrix Anywhere solution, designed for Hospital HR users. 

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Employees in Hospital HR and HR Data Systems 

Navigate to

Citrix Workspace Launcher  → Apps 

1. From the list of applications, choose 'HR Optidoc'.

2. If you do not see HR Optidoc in your list of Apps, try choosing the category 'UAB HR Apps' on the right side of the screen.

3. Once you click HR Optidoc, you may receive a popup at the top of your browser:


4. Check the box next to "Always the associated app" then choose Open Citrix Workspace Launcher. A popup will appear to track the loading progress:

5. Next, a Windows login screen will appear: 

7. Use your UAB blazerid and password combination to log in here. If your credentials are accepted, you will be directed to what appears as the Optidoc Workstation application.

8. Login to Optidoc as you normally would, or see How to Login and Configure UAB HR Optidoc

Closing the application

When you're finished using the application for the time being, choose File, then Exit to completely disconnect from the Citrix session. Failure to do so could result in loss of data or unsaved progress. 

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