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Viewing an Employee's Training History

Admin users may view an individual employee's training history in the Learning Locker. This includes the employee's full UAB training history.

How to View an Individual Employee's Training History

Log into the Learning Locker at

  1. On the upper-right menu, click Org Admins (A) to open the Org Admin Dashboard. Note that the Training History (B) displays your own training record.
  2. On the Org Admin Dashboard, click in the Employee Filter box and search for the employee using their BlazerID or name (Lastname, Firstname); or, to view all employees in an Org range, leave the name field blank.
  3. Use the Org Range Start and Org Range End selectors to display all employees in a desired Org range.
  4. Click Filter to search.  
  5. Click View Training to view the employee's full training history.

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