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Running Organization Reports

Admin users in the Learning Locker can run an Organization Report which displays the training records of all employees in an Org range. These reports can be filtered by course title, course code, and other employee population settings.

The Learning Locker reports are limited to the Learning Locker's user population, which is campus employees.

 For a full explanation of all report fields, view this report's Data Dictionary.

How to Run an Org Training Report

Log into the Learning Locker at

  1. On the upper-right menu, click Org Admins (A). Note that the Training History (B) displays your own training record.
  2. On the Org Admin Dashboard, click Org Admin Reports (E). The Report Viewer will open. (Some browsers may require you to re-enter your BlazerID and password.)
  3. Choose the desired parameters for your custom report. Due to the amount of data in the Learning Locker, reports with wide parameters can take several seconds to load. We recommend limiting the date range or searching for specific titles. For more details about the search options, see the Search Notes & Details section below.
  4. Click View Report.
  5. To export the search results to Excel, click the Save icon and choose Excel.

Search Notes & Details

The Learning Locker organization reports include numerous searching and filtering options.

  • Include non-completions: If No, only employees with a course completion record will be displayed; if Yes, then all employees in the Org/Employee Type population will be displayed.
     The "Yes" option simply adds any employees to the report who do not have a completion record for the specified parameters. It is provided for convenience and does not necessarily mean the added employees are required to complete or have been assigned a certain course. 
  • Employee Types: Regular Employees (Assignment categories 01, 03, 12, 17, 21); Irregular Employees (Assignment categories 02, 04, 06, 07, 11, 20, 46), or All Employees.
  • Course Name: Enter the desired course name, or leave blank to show all. You can use a keyword to search for all course completion records with a certain word in the title, such as "HIPAA" to show all course completions for any course which contains the word "HIPAA" in the title.
  • Course Code: Enter the desired course code, or leave blank to show all.

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