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Requesting a Power User Account

Power Users are administrator users in the Campus Learning System who can perform actions such as creating, updating, and publishing a course; enrolling users into a course; and reviewing course reports, among other tasks.

To become a Power User, a request must be submitted to the Campus Learning System team at and include:

  • Business case or reason for Power User access
  • Organizations, courses, or categories requested

All Power Users must:

  • Have an active employment affiliation in the Oracle system of record.
  • Complete an introductory learning plan that describes the key functions of the learning system. Power User access will not be granted until the Learning Plan is completed.

Once you send the email to, you will receive an automated response with the Power User Request Form.  You will be required to complete the form and Submit it.  This form will help us to understand the courses and profile you would like the new power user to have.

When creating a Power User, the Campus Learning System team will determine the best profile, or standardized functions and capabilities, for the user. (Learn more about our Power User Profiles.)

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