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Guest Accounts in the Campus Learning System

Guest Accounts allow users who do not have a BlazerID to complete training in the Campus Learning System. Each guest account must be requested by the UAB sponsoring department/supervisor. All guest accounts are temporary and last for up to 6 months.

Users with guest accounts can sign in here:

Requesting a Guest Account

UAB employees may request a guest account for another user by emailing

All requests should include the following guest information:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Reason for access
  • Duration of access

It's also helpful to include any courses the guest may need to take.

Verifying Guest Training

There are several methods for verifying that visitors have completed required training courses. First, anyone who completes a course will be able to download a completion certificate. These certificates include the course name, date, user's name, and a unique certificate ID. Since guest accounts are temporary, we recommend guests keep a copy of their course certificates. 

Active guest accounts will be included in course reports available to certain Power Users. 

(The results displayed depend on the Power User's course and population permissions.)

Note: Guest course completions cannot be merged with official UAB (BlazerID) accounts. Courses completed as a guest must be retaken if they become a student or employee.

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