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Using the My Teams Feature

Supervisors can use the My Team feature in the Campus Learning System to view their employees’ training history and assign training courses to individuals or their entire team. Supervisor assignments are populated based on Oracle supervisory relationships.

How to Access My Team

As a supervisor in the Campus Learning System:

  1. Click the hamburger menu icon in the upper-left.
  2. Click My Team.
  3. At-a-glance status flags help quickly identify a team member's progress. Employees with no overdue courses will display as Looks Good.
  4. Employees may be flagged as Take a Look if courses are overdue or certifications have expired.
  5. If any of your employees have subordinates, you can click the View Team button to see their team's details.

How to See Your Employee's Course History

The User Personal Summary page shows a user's detailed course history, including the date training courses were assigned, accessed, completed, and the final score (if applicable).

The User Personal Summary includes training data from the Campus Learning System, which was implemented in January 2020. Training records prior to January 2020 may be accessed through the Learning Locker.

As a supervisor in the Campus Learning System:

  1. Navigate to the My Team page.
  2. Locate the employee's name card and click Overdue Courses. (You can also click the ellipsis icon and choose User Summary Report.)
  3. The Courses page displays details for each course in which the employee is assigned. Courses which the employee has not started display as Enrolled. You can see the total time an employee has spent in a course under the Total Time column.

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