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My Team: Using Reports

The My Team feature in the Campus Learning System provides access to a handful of standard reports that supervisors may adjust to download training data.

There are four standard reports available:

  • Users - Courses: Shows the current status of selected employees for all courses.
  • Users - Learning Plans: Shows the progress details of the selected users for each learning plan.
  • Users - Certifications: Shows the course certification details of the selected users.
  • Users - Sessions: Shows the progress details of the selected users for each ILT session.

How to Download the Users - Courses Report

As a supervisor in the Campus Learning System:

  1. Navigate to the My Team page.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon on the Users - Courses row.
  4. Click Export as and choose to CSV or XLS (Excel).
  5. By default, the report will include all courses for all employees. You can customize the parameters of the report by selecting Edit.
  6. The report will begin processing and download when ready. Note: The report may take a few minutes to generate.

Users - Courses Report Data Dictionary

Each row displays a single course enrollment record. Employees will have multiple rows when they're enrolled in multiple courses.

Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, Branch, Direct Manager
Basic employee information
Course Name, Course Code, Course Category
Basic information about the course
Credits (CEUs)
(UAB does not utilize the Campus Learning System for tracking CEUs)
Course duration
The length of time users generally spend taking the course (Note: This is entered by the course creator and may not be available)
Course Type
E-Learning (web-based, asynchronous training) or ILT (Instructor-Led Training, or synchronous training)
Course Start Date
Course End Date
If applicable, the dates the course is open and available to users
Enrollment Date
The date the user was enrolled into the course
Course First Access Date
The date the user first accessed, or opened, the course
Course Last Access Date
The most recent time the user accessed, or opened, the course
Completion Date
The date the user completed the course
Enrollment Status
The user's progress in the course: Enrolled (not started); In Progress; or Completed
Enrollment Start Date
Enrollment End Date
If applicable, the start and end date (due date) of the course assignment
Final Score
Initial Score
If applicable, the course's score details
Course Progress (%)
The percent of learning materials within the course the user has completed
Number of Sessions
The number of learning materials (E-Learning) or events (ILT) within the course
Session Time (min)
For ILT courses: The duration of time the user spent in the course

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