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Step-by-Step Approving ACT Docs with OnBase Attachments

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Viewing attachments while approving

  1. Access the doc as usual for approval: via Personal Worklist; click on document you need to review.
  2. Click “OnBase Documentation” to see the supporting documentation for the ACT doc.
  3. This will open OnBase and you will sign in using your SSO (BlazerID and password). When log-in is complete, you will see any attachments that have been added by the original submitter for the document. You will click on each document available to open in the viewer screen for review. 
  4. Once you have completed your review of the attached documentation, click the "Exit" button at the top right portion of you screen.  
  5. This will take you back to your worklist approval screen, where you will process the document as normal. If all documentation is correct, you will “Approve” the document. If there is missing documentation or if documentation is inaccurate, you will “Return to Requestor” adding in the notes what documentation is missing or inaccurate. All required documentation must flow through with the documents for final approval to ensure it is not returned at the final approval stage in HR Records. 

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