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Step-by-Step Submitting ACT Docs with OnBase Attachments

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Attaching Documents

  1. Create ACT document as usual and then select the OnBase icon at the top of the Oracle screen to attachment required documentation:.
  2. On Central authentication will pop up for SSO validation; enter credentials.
  3. Once OnBase opens, choose the Import button (arrow on the left-hand side)
  4. Choose the HR ACT Document type from the dropdown box to match the corresponding doc.

  5. Choose the doc(s) that you need to upload either by dragging & dropping into the open grey area OR by the Select File option to the left-hand side.

  6. You will see the Pending Import(s) that have been selected. You can continue to add up to 5 files. You can also use the ‘X’ to the right of the file if the wrong file was added (before you import).

  7. Once you have the file highlighted, you will click the Import button on the bottom left of the screen. If you have multiple docs, choose the next doc and import until all files are loaded.

  8. You should get an “Imported Successfully” notification for the file loads that were successful.

  9. In the initial requestor status the “Exit” button does not work. You will need to close out of the page. 

  10. After loading the OnBase docs, you will go back to your ACT doc in Oracle and click submit to start the approval process.

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