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Why Can't I Login to Oracle?

This article outlines common Oracle HR login issues and how to troubleshoot them. Persons experiencing issues logging in to Oracle HR should check to make sure they have followed the correct steps to set up and access their account before contacting HRIS. For remote assistance with these steps, please contact AskIT by phone or email. 

Before getting started
  • HSIS/HSF employees do not use Oracle HR as their system of record. Please contact your supervisor.
  • User profiles are activated in Oracle HR after the person's Hire document has completed.
  • UAB HR and AskIT will never ask for your password and BlazerID combination. If you receive a request for this information, please report it to AskIT for follow up. 


1. Did you create your BlazerID today?  

It may take one to two business days from the latter of your start date or the completion of your hire document for your credentials to activate across HR systems. We generally recommend waiting at least one hour after creating your BlazerID before trying to access administrative or e-learning systems. In some cases, it may take two or more hours, or even overnight for your credentials to be fully processed. 

You may check with your supervisor or hiring representative to confirm your expected hire date and verify that your hire document has completed.

2. Browser Cache Issues

Web browsers store information on your computer. This is generally helpful, but can occasionally cause problems when stored information becomes outdated. It's always a good practice to clear your browser history about once a month. Follow these instructions for clearing your browser cache. 

3. Auto-Populated Passwords

Many browsers now support auto-saving passwords for websites. It's a good practice to verify these login credentials are updated once a month, as they can become stale and cause login issues across systems. See item 4. Password/Username Issues for more information on verifying password/username combinations. 

4. Password/Username Issues

Some employees will have more than one password/username combination for their business systems. Your BlazerID is always used to login to Oracle HR. If you aren't sure you're using the correct user id, you can verify at the BlazerID Central Activation page. This link can also be used to push your new credentials across systems if you had a previous relationship with UAB.

The BlazerID Central Activation page is not case sensitive. 

If your login is successful in BlazerID Central Activation but you still receive an Authentication Failed error in Oracle HR, type you password in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Note Pad, to verify case values.

5. Still Getting An Error Message?

If you have gone through the above items and are still receiving an error, it may be necessary to change your password at this point. You can do so using the BlazerID Central Change Password page. Once you've activated your new password, you will need to update any password managers or autofill passwords for your internet browsers. 

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