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Campus Learning System Overview

The Campus Learning System, Docebo, is the primary campus learning system for employee, regulatory, and research courses. 

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Who has access to the Campus Learning System?

All faculty, staff, students, and some personnel from UAB-affiliated entities.

  • Employees must be active in the Oracle system of record. In some cases, pre-hires can access the system if they have activated their BlazerID.
  • Individuals with an unpaid assignment (assignment categories 47, 59, 60) must be active in the Oracle system of record.
  • Students in schools with a clinical program (Nursing*; Optometry; Medicine, including Joint Health Sciences; Public Health; Health Professions; and Dentistry) in the upcoming academic term may access the Campus Learning System up to 60 days before their program start date.
  • Students in other schools and colleges must be enrolled in classes in the current academic term.
  • The UAB Health System, VIVA Health, Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital employees may access the Campus Learning System.

*Excluding pre-nursing

How do users get administrator (Power User) access to the Campus Learning System?

See Requesting a Power User Account for more information.

Who should be contacted for support or assistance?

Contact the Campus Learning System team at

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