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OnBase-ACT Integration FAQs

Q: Can an ACT Document Requestor delete any OnBase documents they have uploaded?

A: Yes, ACT Document Requestors can delete uploaded OnBase documents if the ACT document is in OPEN status.

Q: As an ACT Document Requestor or Approver, can I access uploaded documents after the ACT document is in COMPLETE status?

A: No, once the ACT document is in COMPLETE status, uploaded OnBase documents are moved to the employee’s personnel file and are no longer accessible.

Q: My department approves ACT documents for organizations campus-wide. Will I be able to access uploaded OnBase documents for the organizations I support?

A: Yes, as a WAM ACT Document Approver, you can access uploaded OnBase documents via ACT until the document reaches COMPLETE status.

Q: How do I access the link to view any uploaded OnBase documents awaiting my review?

A: Navigate to your Oracle Personal Worklist, locate the ACT document needing review and approval, and click the OnBase Documentation link in the References section on the Workflow Notification Screen. This will launch OnBase to view the uploaded documents.

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