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How to View or Print an Employee's Evaluation

An employee's evaluation can be opened and printed using the Admin Tools in UAB Perform.

As an Admin User in UAB Perform:

  1. Locate the Admin screen using the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Search for the employee whose supervisor you would like to reassign, then press Enter. Search by BlazerID or Lastname, Firstname.
  3. Press Options by the employee's name, then choose "Performance Eval."
  4. Scroll to view the evaluation details.
  5. Employee Ratings and Comments: Displayed only if the employee has submitted their self-evaluation. If the employee has entered and Saved information on their self-evaluation, but have not Submitted the evaluation to the supervisor, employee ratings and comments will be blank.
  6. Supervisor Ratings and Comments: Displayed if a supervisor has Saved any ratings or comments in the app. A supervisor does not have to Submit the evaluation for an Org Admin to be able to view the entries.
  7. To download a PDF of the evaluation, click Export. (Get an error when clicking Export?)


I receive an error when clicking export

There must be a save record before the evaluation can be exported by an Admin user. To see if there's a save record for the evaluation, look for a "last edits made" entry on the sidebar.

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