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Pre-Built Reports

In some instances (such as enterprise compliance courses), reports for tracking course/user status, completions, and other data can be accessed through the Campus Learning System via a custom report. Custom reports are view-only for Power Users and must be created by system administrators.

How to Download a Pre-Built Report

As a Power User - Author or Power User - Viewer with access to a custom report in the Campus Learning System:

  1. Click the Gear icon , choose New Reports, and click Custom Report Builder.
  2. Hover over the row of the report you want to export. Click the More icon , then Export. Reports can be exported as .xls (Excel) or .csv files.
  3. Pre-built reports are not real-time. Before exporting, a reminder message may display that notes the time the data in the report was retrieved. Click Export to continue.
  4. For larger reports that require more processing, you will be emailed a direct download link as soon as the report is ready.

Pre-Built Report Fields & Data Guide

Pre-built reports are configured to provide additional data about a person's employment and student affiliations with UAB. While there may be minor differences in each report, most will include similar information. Deactivated accounts (employees or students who left UAB) are not included in reports.

Person's BlazerID
Full Name
Person's full name
Person's email
Employment Details
Whether the person has an employment affiliation (Y/Yes, N/No, P/Pre-hire)
Employee's ID number
Employee's job title
Employee's organization
(If applicable) Employee organization's (Org's) higher-level AVP organization or department
Employee organization's (Org's) highest-level VP unit or school/college
Employee's workforce group
Student Details
Whether the person has a student affiliation (Y or N)
Student's Banner ID (B00#)
Student's school or college
Student's major
Student's program of study
Student's program start date
Course Details
Course Enrollment Status
Person's status for the course (Enrolled, not started; In Progress; Completed)
Course Enrollment Date
Date the person was enrolled into the course
Course First Access Date
Date the person first accessed (opened) the course
Course Last Access Date
Date the person most recently accessed (opened) the course
Completion Date
Date the person completed the course
Whether the person is currently deactivated in the Campus Learning System (Yes/No)

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