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FAQs: OnBase for HR & Payroll Central Users

What is OnBase?

  • OnBase is a new document management system that will replace Workstation OptiDoc for official HR employee personnel records.

Why is HR Records Administration changing to the OnBase Document Management System?

  • UAB IT is transitioning away from Workstation OptiDoc as it is no longer a supported system
  • OnBase is a modern and secure cloud-based solution with additional advantages:
    • Document-level security control for personnel records
    • Cloud-based Web Client that provides ease of access and end-user functionality for general use
    • Desktop Unity Client for central system users (i.e. Records Administration) to provide more advanced document management

How do I access OnBase to view HR Records personnel file documents?

  • Web Client Users should visit MyUAB Portal and locate the OnBase App in the myApps section. If it is not located there, select Manage Apps at the bottom of the myApps panel and add OnBase to your personal list. 

Why can't I see all the HR Records documents that were available in OptiDoc?

  • OnBase offers document-level security control of personnel records which allows users to only view those applicable for you to successfully do your job

Can I still use my OptiDoc access to view HR Records documents?

  • No, HR Central and Payroll OptiDoc users will no longer have access to Optidoc HR Records and will need to begin using OnBase once the system is live, estimated as June 20, 2023. 

How do I find a specific document in OnBase?

How do I retrieve all documents for an employee in OnBase?

How do I log out of OnBase?

Where can I find HR OnBase training resources?

  • Visit UAB Human Resourcesto navigate to the OnBase training guides.
    1. Select HR Departments from the menu at the top
    2. Navigate to HR Information Systems and select the tile
    3. Select HR Admin Systems Training & Documentation
    4. Find the OnBase tile and select to open training guides

What should I do if my OnBase access looks incorrect?

  • If you don't think your OnBase access is set up correctly, submit your concern to for review and troubleshooting.

Who do I contact to request access to HR Records documents in OnBase?

  • Reach out to your department leadership to begin request. Upon review, if needed, your department leader can submit all requests for access to

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