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Essential Details for OnBase HR Central Users

What is changing:

  • HR Records Administration is implementing a new document management system, OnBase, that will replace Workstation OptiDoc for the official HR employee personnel records.

Why HR Records Administration is changing to OnBase:

  • UAB IT is transitioning away from Workstation Optidoc as it is no longer a supported system
  • OnBase is a more modern and secure cloud-based solution with additional advantages including:
    • Document-level security control for personnel records
    • Cloud-based Web Client that provides easy access and end-user functionality for general use
    • Desktop Unity Client for central system users (i.e. Records Administration) to provide more advanced document management

When HR Records Administration will launch OnBase:

  • The targeted go-live date is June 20, 2023.

Who will be impacted:

  • This change will impact all current HR Central and Payroll users on the Campus and Hospital who have access to the HR Records Collection in OptiDoc effective June 20, 2023. HR Central and Payroll OptiDoc users will no longer have access to OptiDoc HR Records and will need to begin using OnBase from this date forward.

Who has access:

  • Only Central HR and Payroll groups. Schools/ units do not currently have access to this system.

For more information:

Still have questions?

  • Contact HR Records Administration at for OnBase-related questions and support. 

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