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OnBase: Web Client Navigation

Accessing OnBase

OnBase Web Client is a website-based client and does not require any software installation. Functionality is very basic for simple search and retrieval of documents. 

Note: In production, Single-Sign-On (SSO) will be used as with other UAB applications. Visit to access the OnBase app. 

OnBase Ribbons

Important Menu

Search and Retrieve Documents in OnBase

For Central HR purposes, we will always choose the Human Resources Document Type options. There are two ways to locate documents in OnBase:

  1. Retrieval (also referred to as Document Retrieval) - allows you to search for a specific document for an employee using a keyword field search
  2. Custom Queries - allows a user to pull a file for an employee using a keyword field search

Retrieval (Document Retrieval) Search

This is helpful when you know the exact parameters or doc type that you are looking for.

*Results will appear in the Document Viewer window.

Custom Queries Search

This is helpful when you want to do a broad search of documents for a specific person, ACT docs, etc...

*Results will appear in the Document Viewer window.

Understanding the Results/ Document Viewer Window

  • Column headers can be filtered, reorganized and searched
  • Count of documents is located under the search results
  • The top portion shows individual document rows. Double-click on any document row to open it in the Document Viewer below. 

Helpful Tips

The icons below can be used to View Query History, Clear Keywords, and Clear All Search Criteria.

Import Documents

This process will likely replace individual items being sent to Records for manual uploads (aside from regular ACT doc processing)

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