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OnBase: Unity Client Navigation

Accessing OnBase via Unity Client

This is PC software that requires installation. Functionality is more robust and will be the primary way all HR Central users will access OnBase (i.e. Records, Benefits, Employee Relations and Talent Acquisition).

You will log into OnBase Unity Client using SSO (BlazerID and Password). Doing this will allow you to access both the Web and Unity Clients. Please note you may lose partial functionality or the appearance may be slightly different while using the Web Client.

OnBase Ribbons

File Menu Button

Home Ribbon Button

Import Ribbon Button

Search and Retrieve Documents in OnBase

There are two ways to locate documents in OnBase:

  1. Custom Queries allow a user to pull a full file for an employee by using a keyword field search.
  2. Retrieval (also referred to as Document Retrieval) allows you to search for a specific document for an employee using a keyword field search. 

Retrieval (Document Retrieval) Searches

Understanding the Results/ Document Viewer Window

If the lower Document Viewer section is minimized, you can double-click on a row and the document will open in a view window.

Note: If your search returns no results, make sure you do not have any previous filter criteria in any column.

Import Documents

*Process will likely replace Black Icing records such as Employment Verifications we process in house.

To manually import records into OnBase

  1. Click the import button
  2. Select Human Resources from the Document Type Group dropdown
  3. Select the appropriate Document Type from the dropdown
  4. To autofill Keyword values, click the Lookup Icon
  5. Type Keywords search criteria
  6. Once results appear, locate and click the correct record or highlight and click Select at the bottom.
  7. Data will autofill main import window Keyword field
  8. Click the Browse folder in the upper left corner under File
  9. Locate the document to be added to OnBase and click Open
  10. View the document in the Document Viewer window to make sure it is the correct file.
  11. Click the Import button at the bottom.  
  12. You should receive the following message in the bottom right corner of your screen:


Logging out/signing Out of OnBase

Logging in to the one client will disable your access in the other client. To successfully end all OnBase sessions and sign back in:

1. Go to File

2. Click Re-launch Client

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