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Course and Training Material Report: Data Dictionary

The Course and Training Material report in Docebo allows power users to quickly and easily check individual and overall course progress and statistics.

 For assistance with running this report, view our step-by-step guide.

UsernameThe username of the user enrolled in the course
First name
User's first name
Last NameUser's last name
Enrollment DateThe date when the user enrolled in the course
First Access DateDate and time that the user first accessed the course
Completion DateDate and time when the user completed the course
Last Access DateDate and time when the user last accessed the course.
ProgressThe user's progress in the course, in percentage
Training Material TimeThe total time* spent by the learner on the training materials composing the course (both on desktop and mobile) since the first time they accessed the course after their enrollment.
Session TimeThe total time the user has been marked as present in sessions (both online and onsite)**
StatusThe user's current status in the course.
Possible values are: Not Yet Started, In Progress, or Completed.
ScoreThe course score calculated on the basis of tests, assignments, or any other training material associated with a score

*The time is calculated on the actual time the user spends in the course, removing breaks caused by inactivity, pop-up blockers, and tab closing

**Session time applies to instructor-led training (ILT) courses

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