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How the HR Roles are Used

HR's Roles recognize the need for defined partnerships between employees "in the field" and Central Human Resources. For positions which regularly interact with HR processes and systems, an HR Role is an official designation that describes a employee's relationship with Central HR. Roles are used to provide structure and clarity around the responsibilities, duties, and authorizations of employees in the schools and units of UAB. A common designation framework improves the university's ability to quickly navigate complex problems and effectively complete large-scale projects. 

Additionally, employees' expectations for workplace privacy and security are higher than ever. Properly and consistently identifying the personnel with access to certain workforce data is essential for meeting the needs of a modern organization.

Benefits of the New Roles

The HR Roles were designed to improve...

Security and privacy
Automation improves security when employees transfer/terminate

Data governance
Better data and information governance (security, privacy, authorization, etc.)

Communication and relationships
Targeted communication based on accountability and roles

Reporting and compliance
Streamlined reporting and accountability for compliance

System access
Will drive access and responsibilities to various systems

Training and resources
HR and system training tailored to various roles

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