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Using the Campus Role Management App

HR Executives and HR Organization Administrators may use the Campus Role Management app to manage the HR Roles for their Operational Organization. 

Role Properties

Each role has slightly different options that may be configured when designating or editing a role. 

  • Status: Shows whether the role is currently active or inactive. Inactive roles will display a reason for the inactive status. For HR Organization Administrators, one employee will be designated Primary.
  • Role Start and End (Expiration) Date: The effective dates for a role designation. HR Executive and HR Organization Administrator do not require an end date; however, some roles require periodic renewal and will require an end date.
  • Organizations: For HR Organization Support, the Orgs to which the employee is assigned. All other roles are assigned at the Operational Organization level and include all subordinate organizations.

How to Designate an HR Role

You must be an HR Executive or HR Organization Administrator to complete these steps in the Campus Role Management app.

  1. Scroll to the appropriate Role's panel and click Add New.
  2. Search for and select the employee, then modify any Role properties as needed. Role properties vary slightly by role.
  3. Click Add. A confirmation checkmark indicates the addition was successful.

How to Renew, Edit, or Remove a Role

You must be an HR Executive or HR Organization Administrator to complete these steps in the Campus Role Management app.

  1. Scroll to the appropriate role's panel and locate the user to change.
  2. To edit an existing role, click the edit icon.
  3. You can change the role's end dates, primary status (for HR Organization Administrators), and organization assignments (for HR Organization Support) on the edit menu. Click Save Changes to confirm.
  4. Roles that are expiring soon will be noted on the dashboard. Use the edit menu to change the role's end date as needed.
  5. Expired roles can be renewed using the reactivate button, which will open a window that resets the Role Start Date to today and the Role End Date to the maximum effective duration.
  6. To remove an existing role, click the delete button. The delete menu opens with the Role End Date set to today.


No Add New button

The Add New button only displays for users who can designate an employee to a certain role. HR Organization Officers and HR Organization Support cannot add new role designations.

Since there can only be one HR Executive at a time, the Add New button will only display for the HR Executive role if there is no existing HR Executive, or if the current HR Executive has an expiration date. HR Executives cannot have overlapping active dates.

Unable to locate an employee in the user list

The employee's primary campus assignment must be in the same Operational Organization as the desired HR Role. For example, an employee in the Honors College will not be displayed in the search results for the VP for Research. To add an employee outside of the current Operational Organization, you can submit an exemption request.

Unable to add user errors

Some Roles are restricted to certain job titles or have other position assignments. If the employee being added to the role does not meet the role's requirements, you can submit an exemption request.

Unable to edit Role Start Date

The Role Start Date cannot be modified in the Edit controls. To change the role's start date, remove the employee's existing designation and then use the Add New button to create a new designation and enter the desired Role Start Date.

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