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Determining the Best Role

Human Resources considers several factors when determining the appropriateness of a role to a position. 

  1. Business Need

    Business need includes whether there are other positions comparably equipped or already assigned to the Role.

  2. Span of Responsibility or Duties

    Most HR Roles are designated at the school or unit level. Employees serving individual or subsets of departments are not generally approved for an HR Role.

  3. Job Level

    The scope of accountability and detailed confidential or sensitive information privy to certain Roles are not appropriate for all job levels.

  4. Consistent Requirements

    To ensure equitable partnerships across the institution, Role assignment is considered with precedence and uniformity in mind.

  5. Principle of Minimum Possible Authorization

    In accordance with modern security and privacy standards, users should be granted no more than exactly the amount of system or data access as required for a certain role.

Submitting an Exemption Request

If you're unable to designate an employee to a Role due to a role requirement, you may submit an exemption request to Human Resources via Human Resources evaluates all exemption requests according to our review criteria. Your exemption request should include:

  • The requested Role.
  • The school/unit.
  • Reason for requesting the Role and the duties of the position that require the Role.

Central HR will review the request, verify any requirements, and issue an approval or provide further guidance.

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