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How to Review ACF Documents

Once an ACF request is submitted, the Document is systematically assigned a number and notification is sent for Workflow Approval. Active ACF document numbers for a person are displayed in the Current Documents section of the Employee Details and can be reviewed from the History tab; however, Workflow Approvers can open the notification from their Personal Worklist.


From the Employee Details screen, choose the History tab.

Searching By Responsibility

1.    Filter the list of documents using the Search Documents by Responsibility drop-down menu. 

The default "ALL" will display all ACF documents for the person

2.    Use the Quick Select icon ( ) to view the details for a specific ACF document number.

Using the Selected Document Details Page

1. Review the Action under the Responsibility Details table for the selected document.


Some responsibilities require sub-actions, such as adding an Org Range for Finance responsibilities. Details for these actions appear below the corresponding Responsibility.

2. Click “Click here for Action Log” to view the workflow history for the selected document.

3. Review the displayed Document Locator Results for the document to determine if further action is required.

4. Click Return to History Page to search for a different responsibility history.

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