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How to Add A Responsibility

Once you’ve selected an employee from the Find Window, you can add new responsibilities on the Employee Details form.

You can also see any active access requests under Current Documents. A person can only have one active document open in each category (HR, FN).

1.    Choose the tab for the appropriate responsibility category (HR, Finance).

2.    Under Requested Changes, click the drop-down menu icon:

3.    Select More… to search for available responsibilities or choose from one of your recent searches.

4.    In the Search form, choose a Search By category and enter a search value. Click Go to view the search results:

5.    From the search Results, choose the correct responsibility and click the Quick Select option.

6.    On the Details form, click Add Row:

7.    Once all responsibilities have been added for the selected category, click Submit to send the requested changes through workflow approval.

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