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UAB Manager Self Service in Oracle

The UAB Manager Self Service responsibility in Oracle provides a comprehensive view of employment and salary history for users who are designated as supervisors in Oracle and their direct reports.  Individuals who are designated as a supervisor in Oracle will automatically be assigned the responsibility.  UAB Manager Self Service is added through a nightly process that is driven by information in the Supervisor field on the Assignment form.  Access will be systemically end dated when the employee is no longer listed as a supervisor in Oracle. 

At this time, UAB Manager Self Service is available to Campus supervisors only with employees in the Employee or Trainee categories (Affiliate, Volunteer, and Requistion categories are excluded).


Accessing UAB Manager Self Service

Oracle HR & Finance is accessed through myApps in the MyUAB portal.  Use your Blazer ID and strong password to log in.

On the Oracle home page, open the hamburger menu at the top left corner, select the UAB Manager Self Service responsibility and click on menu item My Employee Information.

My Employee Information can also be added as a Favorite to the homepage.  For detailed instructions on adding Favorites, see this article:  The New Oracle HR & Finance Home Screen.  Click on the My Employee Information icon to open.

My Employee Information

The first line displays only the name of the logged in user in My Employee Information.  Direct reports are listed alphabetically below the supervisor.   An arrow next to a name indicates that the individual listed also has direct reports.  Click on the arrow to display or hide the names listed.  Clicking on the Focus icon will display only the selected supervisor and subordinates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see all your employees listed, please contact the HR org admin or HR personnel in your school/unit to update you as the supervisor for your employees. 

Additional Information

Click on an employee name to view details of assignment and salary.  Note that the summary information in the top section is displayed as of the date viewed (effective date).  

To return to the list of employees, click on the My Employee Information > link at the top of the page.

Workforce and weather group, leadership category, and remote/hybrid eligibility are displayed under the Additional Information section, along with the Employment and Salary tabs.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Leadership Category, and Hybrid/Remote eligibility apply to Campus workgroup A employees only.  


The Employment tab is open by default.  To expand an employment detail, click on the corresponding arrow.  Assignment, position, payroll, status change reason, and other information will be displayed.   Employment and Salary details are based on completed ACT documents, regardless of effective date.


Note that this section may contain future-dated information that is not in effect as of the view date.


Click on the Salary tab to view salary details.  To expand a detail, click on the corresponding arrow.   Assignment number, change date, annualized salary, grade, rate, salary basis, and other information will be displayed.  

Salary Components

Click on the Component icon to drill down to salary components.

Salary Proposal Details displays the components and amounts of each salary change.

Return to Employee Details

Click on Return to Employee Details to return to the main page.

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