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UAB Manager Self Service - Employment Tab

The UAB Manager Self Service responsibility in Oracle provides a comprehensive view of employment and salary history for users who are designated as supervisors in Oracle and their direct reports.   UAB Manager Self Service is added through a nightly process that is driven by information in the Supervisor field on the Assignment form.  Access will be systemically ended when the employee is no longer listed as a supervisor in Oracle. 

This article describes the Employment tab of UAB Manager Self Service.  For complete details of this application, see UAB Manager Self Service in Oracle.

Employment Tab

The Employment tab is open in by default in UAB Manager Self Service.    

An arrow next to a name indicates that the individual listed also has direct reports.  Click on the arrow to display or hide the employees listed.  

The Focus icon will limit display to the employee selected and their direct reports.

Click on the employee name to view further details.  

Click on the arrow to see specific assignment details.

Assignment, position, payroll, status change reason, and other information will be displayed.   Employment details are based on completed ACT documents, regardless of effective date.

Note that this section may contain future-dated information that is not in effect as of the view date.

To return to the list of employees, click on the My Employee Information > link at the top of the page. 

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