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UAB Manager Self Service Data Dictionary

This data dictionary describes common fields displayed in the UAB Manager Self Service responsibility in Oracle.


Field NameLocation
DepartmentSummary/EmploymentAlso called Organization.  The HR organizational unit 9-digit code and name for which the position is associated. This drives the org-level security of the position for any HR-related activities such as Hire, Workflow Approval Maintenance, performance evaluations, etc.
Years of Service SummaryThe calculated difference between ADJUSTED SERVICE DATE and today's date in years, rounded to tenths.
Adjusted Service Date Additional InformationThe date of initial benefits-eligible employment with UAB unless there has been a break in service by termination of employment. Changing from regular assignment category to an irregular or temporary assignment category, or vice versa, may require the adjustment of service dates. Adjusted service dates do not apply to Trainees as they are not employees of UAB. HR Policy 412
Hybrid/Remote EligibleAdditional InformationIndicates whether the employee's job is eligible for the Alternate Work Options program at UAB.  Options include Hybrid/Remote, Hybrid Only, and Not Eligible.    IMPORTANT NOTE:  This information is available for campus Workgroup A employees only
Leadership CategoryAdditional InformationIndicates the role assigned to the selected employee's job. Leadership categories are:  Individual Contributor, Emerging Leader, Functional Manager, Functional Director, and Organization Leader.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  This information is available for campus Workgroup A employees only. For more information:
Weather GroupAdditional InformationEvery employee is assigned to either the A, C, or Faculty workgroup based on their area of work. Workforce groups dictate requirements and responsibilities in operations, policies, procedures, compliance, and other HR and Institutional policies. HR's Weather Group tab on this page 
Workforce GroupAdditional InformationStudents, faculty, and staff are assigned to groups based on operational requirements and responsibilities for efficient communication during potential business closure or modified operation plans due to a weather event.  For more information, see 
Assignment CategoryEmploymentAssignment categories are based on HR Policy 411. These categories drive an employee's available benefit offerings and are restricted based on the type of assignment, work status (part time, full time, etc.). HR Policy 411
Assignment NumberEmploymentA unique identifying number assigned to employees, indicating primary and secondary assignments. Each subsequent new assignment at UAB will be indicated with a dash and consecutive number (e.g., -1 or -2) and may be terminated or changed at the assignment level for date tracking.
Assignment StatusEmploymentIndicates the working status of an employee's assignment. 
Business GroupEmploymentThe highest level of organization hierarchy in Oracle. 
DetailsEmploymentClickable arrow that will open and display additional information related to an assignment entry.
Email AddressEmploymentThe UAB email address of the selected employee.
FocusEmploymentA clickable button that narrows the list of employees displayed to only the selected individual and his/her  subordinates.
GradeEmploymentIndicates the level of responsibility defined by the job's requirements. These structures group jobs of equal value or worth into pay grades. As institutional finances allow, pay grades will be adjusted to reflect current market rates and jobs may be assigned to a new range. Jobs may move up, down or remain in the same grade. 
JobEmploymentThe job an employee was hired for under a particular assignment. A job code/description is tied to the employee's application in the appropriate applicant tracking system and can be used for date tracking changes to job history.  These job codes tie directly to other job-related descriptive fields such as job description, job duties, FLSA code, degree requirements etc. 
LocationEmploymentThe physical location of the selected employee's job assignment. 
NameEmploymentFirst and last name of the selected employee.
Original Hire DateEmploymentThe official start date of the person's first hire document indicating the date in which the employee first began a working relationship with UAB. 
People GroupEmploymentCombination of the faculty/staff identification, payroll group identifier, and grant reporting entity on an employee's assignment. Useful for determining if a payroll is faculty, staff, or employee for reporting purposes; used by Payroll Services. 
Position EmploymentThe budgeted vacancy within an organizational unit, which can be seasonal or permanent. Each department/school has their own way of classifying their positions, and Hospital positions have an extra segment; however, the structure is generally the same: HR Org (9-digit).5-digit code creation/reclassification date. See Financial Affairs Budget page.
Status Change ReasonEmploymentThe ACT Document Reason used to support a change to the employment record. 
SupervisorEmploymentThe first and last name of the supervisor of the selected employee assignment, as indicated on the ACT Assignment form. 
Termination Date EmploymentIndicates the recorded date that the assignment was effectively terminated. 
Termination ReasonEmploymentCode used to describe the reason employment ended at UAB.  The most commonly used is 101 Resigned - Voluntary.
Annualized Salary (Rounded)SalaryCalculated salary an employee earns in a single working year. The calculation is based on employment category, FTE, pay group, and rate of pay. 
Change AmountSalaryThe dollar amount of an increase or decrease in an employee's base rate of pay.  
Change DateSalaryThe effective date of a increase or decrease in an employee's base rate of pay.  
Change Percentage (Rounded)SalaryThe percentage amount of an increase or decrease to an employee's base rate of pay rounded to two decimal points.
CurrencySalaryCurrency in which salaries are paid by UAB (Dollars).
Primary AssignmentSalaryA Y/N field that indicates whether an employee's assignment is their "primary" assignment. Some employees at UAB may have multiple assignments. Primary assignments are the drivers for benefits, performance evaluations, and other HR functions.
Proposal ReasonSalaryOn the ACT Salary form, the reason used to support the change in salary. Also called Component Reason.  
Salary BasisSalaryThe Salary Basis establishes the duration for which a salary is quoted. A UAB Salary Basis may be Hourly, Salary, 12 in 12, 9 in 12, 9 in 9, or Trainee.
Salary RateSalaryThe base rate for calculations of annual salary. Indicated as hourly rate for nonexempt and monthly rate of pay for exempt employees.
Change AmountComponentsThe dollar amount of an increase or decrease in an employee's base rate of pay.  
Change PercentageComponentsThe percentage amount of an increase or decrease to an employee's base rate of pay.
Component ReasonComponentsOn the ACT Salary form, the reason used to support the change in salary.
ComponentsComponentsClickable icon that allows the user to drill-down to additional Salary information.
PayrollComponentsIndicates the frequency and type of payroll of the employee's assignment. Used by Payroll for processing pay elements. 
Salary FrequencyComponentsFrom the ACT Salary form, the payroll schedule (biweekly or monthly) 




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