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How to Archive/Re-Enroll for recurring courses:

You may want your users to retake a course to keep them up to date with the evolution of the course topic and track multiple completions of the same course over time.

This need can be satisfied by archiving the current users’ enrollments and re-enrolling the same users in the same course more than once. You can force them to retake all of the training materials or to play only those added since they last completed the course.

This is for courses that do not have recurring certifications. 

As a Power User - Author in the Campus Learning System:

  1. Open the course. Click the Gear icon, choose Course Management, and click on the course name.

2.  Click "Enrollments". Next, place a check mark next to the User(s) that need to be Archived & Re-Enrolled

3.  Click on the "Choose Action" button 

4.  Click on "Archive Enrollment" from the options. 

5.  Click on "Archive Enrollment" again 

PLEASE NOTE: If the user only needs to complete newly added training material, uncheck the "Reset the tracking of the course training material" box. This will retain their previous course progress. 

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