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eLAS - How to Create a Time-Off Request

The steps below apply to all monthly paid employees who track benefit accruals in eLAS.  

eLAS Org Admins and Agent Submitters can use these same steps to submit a request on behalf of another employee.

Employee (Requestor)

1.    On the Employee TimeOff tab, click on the Create Time Off Request button.

2.    Select the Leave Type from the drop-down menu.

3.    Enter the From Date and To Date for your time-off request.  Requests must be entered in full- or half-day increments. Use the calendar to select your dates. 

For a single day or half-day, enter the same date in From Date and To Date.  

For multiple, continuous days in the same month, enter the first date in From Date and the last date in To Date.


Dates cannot cross from one month to the next in the same request.  

4.  Enter the number of days (# of Days), excluding off-days, such as weekends.  It is important to remember that a single day off is measured by your work hours.  # of Days is the amount that will be deducted from your bank of accrued Vacation, Sick, or Personal Holiday. 

The minimum value for days off is .5 days, excluding FMLA leave types.

5.  Enter a Comment, if needed.

6.  Hit Submit.  This will place your request in the Approver's Worklist.  Approver notifications are sent nightly for all Pending requests.  


What do the different statuses mean?

Submitted requests will have one of the statuses below:

Approved - Your request has been fully approved.

Rejected - Your request has been rejected.  See the comments on the request for rejection details.

Pending - Your request has not been fully approved.

Adj/Pending - Your request was submitted with modifications and has not been fully approved.

eLAS Org Admins/eLAS Agent Submitters

To submit requests on behalf of other employees:

1.  On the Employee TimeOff tab, choose an employee using the Select an Employee drop-down list.  

2.  Follow steps 1 - 6 outlined above.


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