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eLAS Approver Worklist

The Approver Worklist contains employee time-off requests that are waiting for action from the approver, as well as the history of requests that have been approved or rejected by the approver. 

All Pending time-off requests will be available to ALL group approvers simultaneously.  Once approved or rejected, the time-off request is displayed under the Approval History of the individual who approved or rejected the request only.


Approver Worklist Tab

Select the Approver Worklist tab to view the list of pending requests.

Each Pending or Pending/Adj time-off request is displayed in the Approver Worklist section of the page.  These requests require action from an approver.  Click on the Edit icon to review a time-off request.

Time-Off Request Sections

Each time-off request will display:

The requestor's current balances, last certification balances, and January 1st balances

Notifications, as needed

The Approver Worklist Record
Additional Information Links

Approving a Time-Off Request

To Approve or Reject a request, select the desired Status button and hit Submit.  A Comment is required when Rejected is selected.

Once approved or rejected, the time-off request is displayed in the Approval History of the individual who approved (or rejected) and the requestor only.  Click on the Show History link to see details of the request approvals.

Deleting a Time-Off Request

When a fully-approved time-off request is DELETED it will appear as Pend/Adj in the Approver Worklist if the date of leave is in or before the current month.  Deleted requests must be APPROVED in order to be removed from the requester's history and returned to the available accrual balance.  Future-dated or pending time-off requests that are deleted do not require approval.

Calendar View - By Organization and Approval Group displays a calendar that includes employee name and status of request on each day.  Can be displayed on monthly, weekly, or daily basis.  
12 Month View - This view offers a 12 month projected view. Projected values can change based on many conditions; approved/rejected days used, years of service, manual adjustments, and the year-end roll process. Current balances, as displayed on the left balance bar, combined with projected balances can be used for time-off planning.
Approvers and Org Admin - For a list of the requestor's Approvers and eLAS Org Admins, click on this link.

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