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Employee Setup in eLAS

The Employee Setup tab allows changes to an employee's Work Hours, Approval Group, Assign to Org, and 'Off-Cycle' Certification.  eLAS Org Admins are responsible for maintaining the Employee Setup in eLAS.  


Employee Setup Tab

To access Employee Setup, click on the tab and select your organization from the drop-down list.

All employees assigned to the selected org are displayed.  Click on the Edit icon to the left of the employee name.

Work Hours

The Work Hours field is used to define the length of a single day for an employee in eLAS.   Work Hours detemines how many hours are deducted when an employee requests time off (in days).  The default setting for Work Hours is 8.  

Work Hours also determines an employee's available balances in days.  It does not, however, change the Vacation, Sick, and PH Rates.  Rates are always based on an 8-hour day.  For example, Vacation Rate 1.25 equals 10 hours accrual per month, regardless of the Work Hours displayed.  


Approval Group

The Group Name controls routing of time-off requests.  Each request submitted will route to ALL approvers of that group. Employees in eLAS are automatically placed in the org's Default Group.  The approval group can by changed by selecting the desired group from the Group Name drop-down list.

Assign to Org

The Assign to Org field allows an org to give access to an employee to another org.  The receiving org gains full access to the employee record and can assign them to an approval group, change work hours, etc.  The original org retains full access to employee.  To return the employee to the original org, select the blank field (first in the drop-down list).  The employee's original org number will not appear in the drop-down as it is an automatic placement for the employee.  

'Off-Cycle' Certification

Accrual balances must be certified when an employee terminates or no longer accrues as a exempt employee.  Certification signals to HR that the balances are correct and accruals are eligible for payout or can be transferred to another system.  Selecting 'Yes' will activate and display the Certify Time button on the Employee TimeOff form.

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