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How to Create/Edit an eLAS Org Admin

The steps below can only be performed by a user with eLAS Organization Administrator rights.  eLAS Organization Administrators are responsible for creating and maintaining eLAS organizations, org admins, approvers, approval groups, employee setup, certification cycles, and manually adjusting accrual balances if needed.

To Create an eLAS Organization Administrator:

  1. Under the Organization Setup tab, Select an Organization using the drop-down list.

2.  In the Administration:  Organization Administration section, click on the Create Administrator Record button.


3.  In the Administrator field, use the drop-down menu to select the desired individual.

4.  Select Type:  Administrator or View Only 

5.  Leave the End Date blank if the assignment as org admin is indefinite.  Save.

To Edit or Remove an eLAS Organization Administrator

    1.  Under the Organization Setup tab, Select an Organization using the drop-down list.

    2.  Click on the Edit icon next to the individual to be changed or removed.

3.  Type – the user can be changed from Administrator to View Only, or vice versa.

4.  End Date – eLAS Org Admins are removed/deleted by ending access via the End Date field. To remove access effective immediately, enter today or a past date. Org admin access will no longer exist upon the next login to eLAS. If a future date is entered, the eLAS Org Admin will retain access until the specified date.

    5.  Save.

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