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How to Manually Adjust Accrual Balances in eLAS

eLAS Org Admins can manually adjust accrual balances to reflect benefit time taken in a prior year.  Time-off requests can only be created for the current or subsequent year up to six months in advance.

Making a Manual Adjustment

1.  Go to the Adjustments - Admin tab.

2.  Select an Organization and Select an Employee using the drop-down lists.

3.  Enter the FULL adjusted balance in the New Available Balances box (current balance plus/minus adjustment from prior year).

4.  Select the Reason for Adjustment from the drop-down list (Prior Year Adjustment).

5.  Add a Comment.  Include the specific dates that are being adjusted.

6.  Save your changes.  

A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen.

Details of the adjustment are displayed in the Employee TimeOff history.

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