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eLAS - Certification

All eLAS users are asked to certify their accrual balances at the end of the calendar year.   This helps prepare the accrual system for the processing of excess vacation balances per Vacation - HR Policy 301.  Some departments may also require monthly or quarterly certification.   Certification can be completed by the employee (requestor) or by the eLAS Org Admin.  


Accrual balances should be reviewed carefully to confirm that:

  • the correct accrual amounts have been added in accordance with an employee's category, position, and length of service.
  • all time-off requests have been submitted and approved for the ending year. 
  • Sick, Vacation, and Personal Holiday accrual balances for the ending year are correct at the time of certification. Completing the certification will not prevent an employee from entering subsequent time-off requests for the ending year.

Time-off requests cannot be submitted for a prior year after the rollover process has been completed.  eLAS Org Admins are responsible for making manual adjustments for time taken/not taken in a prior year.

When to Certify

The annual certification period is December 15 (ending year) to January 15 (new year).  During this time, the CERTIFY button will be available in the Employee TimeOff tab.  The regular January accruals are delayed to January 16 to allow extra time to submit, approve, and correct time-off requests for the ending year.  

How to Certify - Employee

  1.  On the Employee TimeOff tab, click on the red CERTIFY button once all pending requests are approved and balances have been confirmed.

2.  Confirm that balances are correct by selecting Certify again.  

You cannot certify your available balances while you have Pending requests. See your Approver(s) to have all outstanding requests completed.

3.   To confirm that certification was successful, open the History tab and expand the Certification Balance History section.   The new certification should appear in the list.

How to Certify - eLAS Org Admin

eLAS Org Admins can certify  accrual balances on behalf of an employee using the Organization Certification tab.

1.  Open the tab and click View next to the desired org number.  All employees (certified and non-certified) will be displayed. 

2.  Click on Certify Emp.

3.  Review the employee's balances and press the red CERTIFY button at the prompt.

4.  Return to the Organization Certification tab and confirm the Last Cert Date for the employee.  

Re-Certify allows you to certify subsequent balances for the employee in the same certification cycle, but does not return the Certify button to the employee.  

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