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How to Edit or Cancel a Time-Off Request in eLAS

The steps below apply to the Employee (Requestor), eLAS Org Admins, and eLAS Agent Submitters.

Time-off requests are displayed in the Employee TimeOff tab.   

To edit a time-off request:

  • Open the request by clicking on the Edit icon.

  • Pending requests – Make the necessary changes to the affected field(s) and Save.

  • Approved requests - Fully approved time-off requests cannot be edited.  If changes are required, delete the original request, and create a new request with the correct information.

To cancel/delete a time-off request:

  • Open the request by clicking on the Edit icon.
  • Approved requests - click on the Delete button.  The request will be returned to the Approver Worklist for approval.  Notifications are sent to approvers nightly for all Pending requests.  

  • Pending requests - click on the Delete button.  You will be returned to the Employee TimeOff screen when the     deletion is complete.  

Time-off requests in a prior year cannot be edited or deleted. A request should be made to the eLAS Org Admin to make a manual adjustment to the accrual balance to reflect the time taken/not taken.

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