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Updating WAM Roles

The Replace Person feature allows Primary Workflow Officer’s (WFO) to update existing Secondary WFO and Notify Person roles for their designated area(s). 

To update the current Primary Workflow Officer, send an email with the current and proposed Blazerids to HRIS ( and copy the unit's Org Admin in lieu of an official approval process.

Navigate To

WAM->Roles->Replace Person


1.    Choose at least one organization for the Org Filter.


2.    Choose at least one Document Type for the Document Type filter.


3.    Select the Role Types to update.



4.    Search for the person to replace by entering Blazer ID or use Find a Person.

5.    A count of expected results is provided below the Find a Person form.

You will receive the below warning if you attempt to query a larger set of records. The Replace a Person feature only supports updates to 400 records at a time. 

5.    Click the Search button to return results. A count of displayed records is shown below the results.


6.    Type the Replacement Person’s Blazer ID into Enter the Replacement Person field or use the Find User feature.

7.    Click Apply to All to populate the Replacement field.

The Replacement field is also open for manual input at each row if necessary.

8.    Click Save Changes -

And click Ok in the pop-up message to commit your changes.

Once the changes are committed, you will receive a message alerting you that the form will be refreshed. 


9.    Verify updates using the WAM Roles Report


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