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Reports: WAM Terminated Approvers

The WAM Terminated Approvers Report displays a list of approvers who no longer have active assignments in the Oracle HR system of record - i.e. those with an Employee Type of Ex-Employee. For instructions on how to run this report, see the article Running Reports in WAM.

Organization Start RangeThe minimum workflow organization search value.
Organization End Range
The maximum workflow organization search value.
Document TypeFilters the report to a single or group of system document type workflow.
ApproverFilters the report to a single end-user workflow Approver. The values are filtered based on previous filter selections.
Report TitleA non-changeable field that displays the name of the selected report.
OrganizationThe organization associated with the selected workflow.
Document CategoryThe system category of the specified Document Type. Values specify whether a document is Finance, HR, or System (other). 
Document TypeThe document type associated with the selected workflow.
Workflow OfficerThe Primary Workflow Officer for the specified workflow in Last Name, First Name format.
WFO BlazeridThe Primary Workflow Officer's blazerid.
ApproverThe Approver for the selected workflow in Last Name, First Name format.
Order NumThe numerical representation of the routing order for which the specified workflow approver receives notifications.
Group NumTBD - only applies to Provost Central workflow path.
Amount FromThe minimum amount of a financial system document that triggers workflow notification to the specified approver.
Amount ToThe maximum amount of a financial system document that triggers workflow notification to the specified approver.
Standard Employee Demographics*

Standard employee demographics based on primary assignment.

The Approval Path Details by Org Report includes the following Demographic Fields, which are basic employee/assignment information. The values represent a snapshot of the person's assignment as of report run date. 

Approver BlazeridThe Approver's assigned Blazer ID.
Employee NumberThe Approver's assigned employee identification number. 
Approver Organization
The Approver's primary assignment organizational unit.
JobThe Approver's primary assignment job title.
Person TypeThe Approver's person status : Employee, Ex-Employee, Volunteer. 
Assignment StatusThe Approver's primary assignment status : Active, Terminated, Leave of Absence

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