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WAM: Automatic Updates for Terminated Employees

This document provides details of the nightly process to remove employees  who are no longer employed by or affiliated with UAB from the Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM) application.   



UAB employees and affiliates who are terminated through the ACT process will be removed from WAM on the effective date of termination or upon completion of a termination document, if approved retroactively.  In some cases, the terminated individual will be replaced with an active employee to avoid interruptions in workflow.  If an alternate approver exists in WAM, no replacement will be made.  

Alternate Approvers:  Individuals assigned as approvers for the same Organization, Document Type, Level, Group, Amount From, and Amount To.

Terminated approvers will be replaced by the Primary Workflow Officer when no alternate approver exists.

If no Primary WFO exists, the replacement will be the first available employee in this order:

Primary Workflow Officer

The Primary Workflow Officer must be replaced when the individual in this role has terminated employment at UAB. Primary WFO replacement is made in this order:

Notify Person

Like the Primary WFO, the Notify Person must always be replaced in WAM.  Notify Person replacement is made in this order:

WAM Documentation and Other Resources

Training documents:  Workflow Approver Maintenance (WAM) Overview

To remove an org from WAM (Financial Affairs):  Org Code Request Form

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