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Introduction to the WAM Query Form

The WAM Query form is used across most of the WAM applications and features to provide an easy filter for workflow and approver setups. It consists of three main filters, and one additional filter mentioned below. 

Org Filter

The Org Filter specifies one or more Organization units for workflow administration. It consists of:

  1. The Search field - criteria used to filter list of values
  2. Select options - specifies the organization value to filter by

Document Type Filter

The Document Type filter specifies one or more document types for workflow administration. 


Select options allow a user to select:

  • All document types, 
  • One or more categories of document types, or 
  • Single selection of document types.

The Expand option allows a user to select one or more document types under the specified category. 

Central Path is a view only form that shows a list of approver details at each Central approval level.

Role Type Filter

The Role Type filter is only applicable under the Roles: Replace a Person form. It allows the user to select one or more Roles for which the person should be replaced. 

Find Person

The Find Person filter specifies the person to search for in the specified Organization, Document Type, and Role (if applicable). The Find User feature allows the user to search for a user by Name or Organization if Blazer ID is unknown.


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