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Report: WAM Central Paths

The WAM Central Paths Report displays the workflow approvers for each level of Central approvals by Document Type. The information is displayed in a pivot table style report with interactive buttons to expand rows. For instructions on how to run this report, see the article Running Reports in WAM.

Document TypeThe system document type associated with the Central workflow path. Also a report filter that allows the user to select from a single or group of document types.
Central OrderThe numerical identifier for the routing order of documents routed to Central workflow. 
Central OrganizationThe name of the Central organizational unit associated with the workflow.
ApproverThe name of the Approver assigned to the Central workflow path at the specified Central unit, document type, and level. Displayed in Last Name, First Name format.
BlazeridThe Blazer Id of the Approver.
LevelThe numerical representation of the routing order for which the specified Central workflow Approver receives notifications.
Group NumNA - always blank
Amount FromNA - always blank
Amount ToNA - always blank

The WAM Central Paths Report includes the following Demographic Fields, which are basic employee/assignment information. The values represent a snapshot of the person's assignment as of report run date. 

Approver Organization
The Approver's primary assignment organizational unit.
JobThe Approver's primary assignment job title.
Person TypeThe Approver's person status : Employee, Ex-Employee, Volunteer. 
Assignment StatusThe Approver's primary assignment status : Active, Terminated, Leave of Absence

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