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How To Enter Person Information In ACT

This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. The Person Data tab consists of information about the person - as required by law - to establish a person's official personnel record with the University. These data include SSN, Name, Date of Birth, Visa and Veteran status, Professional Licenses, Termination status, and Schools/College information. 


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT 

Enter Person Data Information

Step 1: Open the Person Data tab from the main ACT form.

 Step 2: Enter the required (yellow) fields on the Personal tab. 

SSN must be entered as numbers with no dashes.

After entering Title, Gender will populate.

Step 3: Enter the required fields on the Employment tab.

Ethnic Origin is a required field to proceed; the employee has the option to update this field via the Oracle Self Service application once the ACT document has completed.

If the employee has self-identified, enter the Veteran Status; otherwise, the field will default to Not a Veteran.

You can submit the ACT document with I-9 Status of No; however, the document will not complete until the I-9 has been received in Records Administration.

Step 4: Enter the required fields on the Schools and Colleges tab.

Make sure to update the Country field first. When the tab opens, Country will default to United States of America. Clicking in the School or College, Degree Name, etc. fields will require you to enter school information for the selected country.

For assistance accurately identifying a degree field for an international hire, contact the International Student & Scholars Services department of Office of Global Engagement. 

If the person's School or College does not appear in the selected Country list of values, you may select Institution Not Available. 

Faculty/Instructor information fields must be completed for all Faculty and Credential Staff Course Instructors. Mark the Transcript/Official Documentation on File field Yes to indicate the unit Dean's Office has received the information for Provost Office review.

Step 5: Enter the optional (white) fields on the Phonebook tab. 

Individual Online List defaults to Yes for all employees eligible to be listed in the UAB Electronic Phonebook.

Entering data for Online Job Title and Display Name will override the online listing in the Electronic Phonebook for all future changes on the person - i.e. Data Changes will not impact the ePhonebook entry. This information should only be entered if the job title or person's name differs from the names entered on the Personal tab. 

If the name should appear differently online, enter the Display Name 'last name,first name' with no space between the comma and first name.

Step 6: Enter the optional fields on the License tab.

License information should only be entered when the person actively holds a professional license, membership, or certification.

If you choose License as Type, the Title, Number, and Expiration Date fields become required to proceed.

Step 7: Enter optional/required info on the Termination tab.

Required information here will depend on Document Reason and Employment Category information.

Step 8: Click Save to continue.


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