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How To Enter Address Information

This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. The Address tab contains campus and home addresses and phone information for the person's selected assignment. The information required will depend on the selected Document Reason.

Getting Started
  • You will need an Oracle HR Responsibility


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT

Enter Address Information

Use the Down or Up Arrows to add new or switch between records. 

Step 1: Choose the Address tab from the main ACT form or from the Person Data tab.

Step 2: Enter the employee's Address information in the Proposed fields.

All employees must have a local (US) Home address and/or Campus address to receive official UAB correspondence. 

For international address or phone, choose the International Address checkbox. Provide the address and phone number in the required Comments box. 

Then enter the employee's Campus Address as Address Type of Home; the Department name should be entered on Address Line1, Street Address on Line 2, and the Building and Room Number on Address Line 3.
The employee can update Home address via Oracle Self Service once the Hire document has completed. Campus addresses and phone information must be updated via Data Change document. 

Step 2.1: Enter the Campus Primary address by selecting it from the Address Type LOV.  Enter the Building Code -use a partial value and % to narrow the LOV results if you aren't sure of the full code - and the Room Number in the appropriate spaces. Address Line3 will populate with the UAB building associated with the code provided. 

Step 2.2: Type in the City and select the Zip Code, County combination that matches the UAB building location.

Step 2.3: Enter the four-digit zip code extension for the department and click Save.

Steps 2.1-2.3 can be repeated to add secondary campus addresses.

Step 2.4: Enter the employee's Home address by selecting it from the Address Type LOV

Step 2.5: Enter the employee's home street address in Address Line1. Additional lines are available if needed.

Step 2.6: Type in the City or Zip Code to bring up the LOV of possible City, State, Zip Code and County combinations. Select the correct row and click Ok to populate the City and State.

Step 2.7: Type in the correct Zip Code and click Save.

If information needs to be updated from previous records, select the record in Current addresses, and check the box for End Date Current. Proceed to enter the new address in the Proposed fields.

Step 3: Enter required and optional Phone Numbers in the Phones section. You can enter Home, Mobile, and Campus phone/fax numbers here. Campus Primary is required for new hires. 

To update existing records that are no longer applicable, set the Delete? drop-down to Yes. Then proceed to enter the new phone information in the fields below. 

Step 4: Click Save to continue.

To return to the main ACT Form, close the current window, or choose Return to Previous Form.

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