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How To Enter Assignment Information

The information on the Assignment form identifies the employee’s employment status, eligibility status for employee benefits, the organization and position number the employee is affiliated with, the Payroll Group to identify exempt status, and the employee assignment's direct supervisor. 

For non-exempt employees, the Assignment form also identifies the employee's timekeeping method, timecard distribution number, and timekeeping organization used to track hours worked for payroll processing. This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. Data on the Assignment tab represents the person's specified assignment at UAB.

Getting Started
  • You will need an Oracle HR Responsibility


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT

Enter Assignment Information

Step 1: Choose the Assignment tab from the main ACT form.

Step 2: Enter the required and optional fields under Proposed General Assignment Information.

Step 2.1: Select the appropriate Assignment Category from the LOV.

When either the 06 Student or 11 Work Study Student assignment category is selected, you will be required to enter the student’s Blazer ID in the Person Data form.

Step 2.2: Enter the full Position code or search for the string using the LOV. The LOV will display all positions available for the unit, including vacant and filled. Once you select the Position string, the Organization, Job, and Grade fields will populate. 

Step 2.2: Type in or select the correct Payroll Group from the LOV.  

Step 2.3: Enter the Timecard Distribution Number (if applicable), Timekeeping Method, and Timekeeping Organization if the assignment is non-exempt; otherwise, leave these fields blank.

Step 2.4: Type in the Supervisor Name using Last Name, First Name format. You can use % to perform a partial match. Choose the correct record from the Find window. The Supervisor Assignment # field will populate based on your selection.

Step 3: Click Save to continue.

To return to the main ACT form, close the current window, or choose Return to Previous Form.

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