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How To Enter Element Entries

This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. The Element Entries tab contains information about the nonrecurring or recurring element pay for the specified assignment. Elements are used to identify pay reasons outside of regular work duties and responsibilities. Visit the ACT Element List for a listing of all possible element choices.

Getting Started
  • You will need an Oracle HR Responsibility


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT

Enter Element Entries Information

Step 1: Choose the Element Entries tab from the main ACT form.

Step 2: Choose the Element Name from the LOV.

Notice that saving populates the effective dates automatically dependent on the Document Effective Date.

Step 3: Choose Entry Values and enter the Amount and other required fields for the entry. Required fields will depend on the selected element name.

Exiting the Entry Values form automatically saves changes made there.

Step 4: You can also cost the element to a different account than the assignment's scheduled salary labor sources. To do so: Select Labor Sources from the Element Entries tab and enter the costing information for the element. Select the Element Name from the drop down. Then enter the GL or GA information. 

The Labor Source lines or Total LD% should total to 100%.

Step 5: Click Save to continue.

Step 6: Return to the Element Entries form by clicking Return to Previous Form or exiting the window. 

Notice that your Element Entry has updated to Costed. If the element is not costed, the element will be charged to the assignment-level labor source.

To return to the main ACT form, close the current window, or choose Return to Previous Form.

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