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How to Create A New Hire Document

The New Hire document type is used to add new employees who have no prior UAB affiliation as an active employee, trainee or volunteer assignment. In other words, No person/employee ID records exist, and no future, current, or past person records exist. The New Hire document creates an official personnel record for the individual and should be entered with the highest degree of accuracy as possible.

Before getting started
  • Gather all of the relevant information for the new employee. This information will include:
    • Person Name, SSN, I-9 Status, Self-ID forms, Licenses, and Education
    • Addresses
    • Assignment Info
    • Salary Info
    • Proposed Labor Source(s)

Who can initiate this form

Any user with the unit's Oracle HR Officer org security responsibility

Navigate to

Oracle HR Officer → HR Transactions → ACT

1. This will open the Find window. To verify that the employee does not have an existing record, search by the SSN or Full Name of the new employee. 

Note: If a previous record exists for a terminated employee, please see [insert link] How to Create A Rehire Document.

Note: If a previous record exists for an active assignment, please see [insert link] How to Create An Additional Assignment.

2. Next, click Clear and Create New Document.

3. On the ACT Main Form, Choose the LOV for Document Reason.

4. Select the appropriate reason and click OK

5. Enter the Effective Date in the Effective Date field using the calendar LOV or the DD-MMM-YYYY format.

5. Click in the Attachments checkbox to indicate whether documentation will be provided. 

STOP: Before proceeding, verify your Effective Date and Document Reason. Once you SAVE the document, you will not be able to edit these fields. See [insert link] How to Cancel A Document.

6. Click SAVE at the bottom of the form. The system will assign a Document Number and the Document Status is now OPEN

Tip: Record the Document Number for reference. You will not be able to find the document by SSN or Names until the document has reached Complete status.

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