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How To Enter Salary Information

This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. The Salary form contains information about the selected assignment salary proposal and information about requested changes to the salary proposal on the current document. Required information is dependent on Document Reason and Subgroup.

Getting Started
  • You will need an Oracle HR Responsibility


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT

Enter Salary Information

Step 1: Choose the Salary tab from the main ACT form.

Step 2: Enter the required (yellow) fields under Proposed 

The required fields will be different according to the organization. For Hospital organizations, the Hosp Calc Code is required. For University organizations the Salary Basis field is required.

Step 3: Enter the required fields for Component Reasons.

Step 3.1: Choose the appropriate transaction Reason from the LOV and click OK.

Step 3.2: Enter the rate of pay based on the Salary Basis in the Change Value field. The Proposed Assignment Salary and Assignment Rate of Pay will populate based on your entry.

Step 4: Enter the remaining fields under Proposed. 

Step 4.1: Enter the full-time equivalency rate in the FTE field. This number should be between 0.1 and 1.0, with 1.0 being full-time, to indicate the percentage of time the employee will work at the proposed rate.

Step 4.2: If the employee receives funds from the Veterans Administration (VA) or the Eye Foundation, enter the entity in Outside Income Source

Step 4.3: Enter the amount of income received as Outside Income as an annual amount. 

Step 4: Click Save to continue.

To return to the main ACT Form, close the current window, or choose Return to Previous Form.

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