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How To Enter Labor Sources

This document covers common data entry steps for all ACT document types and reasons. Labor Sources tab contains information about the specified assignment's labor distributions, both at the assignment salary and the Element level.

Getting Started
  • You will need an Oracle HR Responsibility


HR Officer responsibility → HR Transactions → ACT

Enter Labor Sources Information

Step 1: Choose the Labor Sources tab from the main ACT form.

Step 2: Enter the optional GL or GA Labor Source information on the Labor Sources Assignment Tab.

The Labor Source lines or Total LD% should total to 100%.

You can also use the Labor Sources tab to Stop a labor source. The Effective Date will update To Date according to the payroll period impacted and the document effective date. 

Step 3: Click Save to continue. You can either close the current window, or choose Return to Previous Form, to make your way back to the main ACT form.

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